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Looking for Talent or need an Honest experienced opinion?
Scouting, Identification & Assessment is about knowledge, experience and trust in knowing what you are looking for and this is an integral part of our business services, to discover the potential male and female stars of the future or evaluate a player or coach of interest or a team based on the 4 fundamental pillars of our assessment process, Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental.

Our network of football scouts all possess the experience, credentials, knowledge, work ethics and their track record are second to none in our ever-expanding network.

Our football scouts are responsible for identifying and evaluating both male and female professional and amateur footballers at all levels. After watching a player, we will then report back to and provide a comprehensive insight, analysis and recommendation of the player on and off the field.

With our network of local, national and international contacts, Mineopoly Sports Management covers interests for players and clubs. The available know-how and direct relations with managers, coaches and consultants make it possible to discover, mentor, mediate and manage the athlete in a fast and efficient way.

With decades in football and we have identified, been involved with and seen many fantastic players and coaches.  We have also been very fortunate to have identified and followed athletes from an early age as young as 8 & 10 years old.  Talent Identification is a skill, and when you need someone with the knowledge and experience that you can TRUST, contact us for a confidential discussion under non-disclosure.