Performance Assessment & Monitoring

It needs targeted, individual and professional mentoring to advance as a player. We can provide this kind of mentoring to juniors and amateurs as well as ambitious professionals.  Due to our extensive support a player is able to reach a substantially higher proficiency level.

The four pillars of our individual assessment are the following:

  • Technical  – Tactical – Physical - Mental

We are able to conduct a detailed analysis of a players abilities, that provides the foundation for individual and team training. On the basis of this analysis we subsequently develop a unique, individual training schedule for each player. Here focus is not only on the physical abilities of a player, but also on the development of methods to strengthen a player's mental game. The combination of these aspects leads to an extensive improvement of a player's skills and enables the jump from a good to an extraordinary player.

We stand by the player during the most important phases of his athletic development and ensure he enhances his strengths and eliminates his deficits. Hence we contribute to a players increased ability to compete on a high level.

To do this we offer experienced professionals and expertise.

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