About Us
Mineopoly Sports Management is about passion. Football and the passion for the game is the core foundation of our existence and motivation. Our organisation was formed to deliver a service of understanding and excellence to the game and to those that participate in every sense of the word.

As a provider of sports management education and services, we strive to prepare and represent a new generation of athletes with knowledge, critical thinking, ethics, integrity, skills, and the passion to succeed. As a functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services from financial to contractual to personal consulting, enabling them to fully focus on their craft.

Professional and amatuer athletes have important decisions to make regarding everything from choosing their club/team to choosing their life insurance plan and investments. It is our aim to help the athlete through some of these difficult choices by keeping the lines of communication open, educating them on their options, and being a center of support for them in every aspect of their lives and careers.
Mineopoly Sports Management’s drive and determination comes from its personnel, all of whom have been involved for a very long time in the game and football has been part of our lives as players, coaches and administrators.

Mineopoly Sports Management’s is based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, however its reach extends far beyond those shores. We deal with clients and have reputable and reliable local and international networks in many places:

  • -Asia
  • -Australia 
  • -North America 
  • -Middle East
  • -UK & Europe
  • -South America
Mineopoly Sports Management exists to maximise the talent, opportunities and long term career possibilities of each of our players, coaches and aspiring talent athletes in general.

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