Welcome, Your Talent and Ambitions are Our Passion!

The vision of Mineopoly Sports Management is to find the best athletes and revolutionize sports management into one where our Representatives, in addition to providing excellent representation, have a positive and trusted impact on the clients they represent because they have been there. We envision being a different kind of sports agent and this is what we set out to be.

We are a boutique sports management business with vast knowledge & first hand experience as athletes, coaches and adminstrators. Our style of sport management focuses on building a lasting relationship between the client & manager, who becomes a trusted personal adviser and mentor through the various stages of the amatuer or professional athlete’s sporting career and life.

Whilst Football is our great love,  assisting any talented athletes and coaches is our passion and it’s our knowledge, experience, commitment, transparency and honesty which delivers you the expert assessment, planning, development and nurturing upon which career success depends. 

Every year, more and more footballers and coaches from all walks of life aspire to making football a career or simply improve where they are at, and we are here to help you realise your potential and make your mark in the world game.

We know Football and we can help you, but there are no promises. If you have the talent, the ambition, the belief, the motivation, the right attitude and are prepared to work hard, then get some advice.

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